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English in Europe project is a joint venture of the Centre for Linguistic Research, University of Sheffield, with a number of major European Universities, each bringing their specific expertise and experience to the debate.

The network partners are:

1. The hub of the network:
Centre for the Linguistic Research, University of Sheffield (UK). Project contact: Professor Andrew Linn, and Dr. Chryso Hadjidemetriou (postdoctoral researcher-network facilitator).

The Centre for Linguistic Research is a joint partnership between the School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics and the School of Modern Languages and Linguistics. It has a three-fold mission: to bring together linguistics researchers across the two partner schools; to encourage and support external bids for cross-linguistic and interdisciplinary research projects; and to develop joint initiatives for postgraduate research and training in linguistics in all of the University's constituent departments. The Sheffield core project group also includes
Professor Neil Bermel and Dr. Gibson Ferguson.

Centre for Internationalisation and Parallel Language Use (CIP), University of Copenhagen. Project contact: Dr. Anna Kristina Hultgren. The main research agenda for the academic staff of the Centre is to examine linguistic aspects of relevance to the university’s needs and practice in relation to the use of Danish and English as parallel resources in higher education.

Institute of Linguistics and Finno-Ugric Studies, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. Project contact: Dr. Tamah Sherman. Following the heritage of the Prague school, the Institute pays systematic attention to sociolinguistic issues both at the national and European levels. Most recently, researches of the Institute have addressed various issues of multilingualism through the EC FP6 LINEE project.

InterLAE Research Group, University of Zaragoza, Spain. Project contacts: Dr. Carmen Perez-Llantada and Dr. Ramón Plo Alastrué. The group focuses on the study of English in research dissemination and publication in a wide range of disciplines and genres. A key concern is how Spanish scientists negotiate the processes of publishing in international English language journals.

South-East Europe Research Centre (SEERC). CITY College, Thessaloniki, Greece. Project contact: Dr. Zoi Tatsioka The Centre's mission is to support the stable and peaceful development of South - East Europe by conducting pure and applied research in and for the region. The Centre's research track 3 on Society and Human Development is the point of contact for this network.