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During the three years of the project, this network fostered interdisciplinary collaborations and research. The project ran via five consecutive conferences.

The core aim of the project was to collect accurate and comparative information on the role and effects of English in a range of contrasting regional contexts. Debate also covered broader research questions in sociolinguistics and applied linguistics. For example, how far is it possible, indeed desirable, for policy makers to intervene to defend national languages, or what are the attitudes of the public, particularly young people, to the spread of English and how would they react to measures to curb its influence?

Please follow these links for information regarding the five EiE conferences.

Conference in Sheffield: The English Language in Europe: Debates and Discourses

Conference in Zaragoza: English as a Scientific and Research Language

Conference in Copenhagen: The English Language in teaching in European Higher Education

Conference in Thessaloniki: Responses to the lingua franca role of English

Conference in Prague: English in business and commerce