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The English Language in teaching in European Higher Education
19 April - 21 April 2013, Copenhagen
Organised by the University of Copenhagen

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Marc Deneire
English in higher education in France: A qui profite le crime?

Claus Gnutzmann
Academic lingua franca English. Biased or neutral?

David Block
Socioeconomic stratification, class and English in Europe

Robert Phillipson
English as threat: reality or myth? Challenges in European Higher Education

Josep Soler-Carbonell
University language policies and language choice among PhD graduates in Estonia: the (unbalanced) interplay between English and Estonian

Marie Källkvist and Francis Hult
Entextualizing ideologies about English and multilingualism in a university language policy

Francis Hult
(Worst case) scenario analysis of English in higher education: A thought experiment

Taina Saarinen
“But all of us speak English as non-natives.“ Native / non-native indexing language ideologies in Finnish higher education

Bridget Goodman, Oleg Tarnopolsky
“It’s not not loving our language”: English as a medium of instruction at a university in Ukraine

Maria Kuteeva, Niina Hynninen, Mara Haslam
“I wanna international career”: a case study of an English-medium degree programme in Sweden

Branka Drljaca Margic, Irena Vodopija-Krstanovic
Introducing English-Medium instruction at a Croatian University: Can we bridge the gap between global emerging trends and local challenges?

Sandra Campagna, Virginia Pulcini
English as a medium of instruction in Italian Universities: linguistic policies, pedagogical implications

Stacey Cozart, Tine Wirenfeldt Jensen, Gry Sandholm Jensen, Gitte Wichmann-Hansen
Grappling with identity issues: Danish graduate student views on writing in L2 English

Katherine Güertler, Elke Kronewald
Implementing internationalization: English-medium instruction in Germany

Pete Westbrook, Birgit Henriksen
Advanced non-native university lecturers’ collocational competence

Christian Jensen
Language attitudes and evaluations of Danish university lecturers’ English

Anna Kristina Hultgren
English language use at Denmark’s internationalized universities: Is there a correlation between volume of English use and world rank?

Merike Jürna
What is parallel language use?

Anna Jeeves
Listening to the content – or concentrating on the words?

Birna Arnbjörnsdóttir
The gap between language, ideology and reality in Nordic Higher Education: Iceland as a microcosm

Hafdís Ingvarsdóttir
Facing a new linguistic context in higher education

Glenn Ole Hellekjær
English as a constraint and goal: Two perspectives on English in English-medium instruction in higher education

Miya Komori
Yes, we can? Students’ language skills on English-medium master programmes at WU

Tamah Sherman, Ji
ří Nekvapil
The position of English and other languages at Czech universities from the perspective of Language Management Theory

Katrien Deroey
How do lecturers convey what is (less) important information?

Erkan Arkin, Necdet Osam
English-medium Instruction in Higher Education: A case study from Turkish university context

Francesca Santulli
English in Italian universities: the case of the Politecnico di Milano through its website