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‘English in business and commerce: Interactions and policies’
Dates: 22 March - 23 March 2014
Prague, Czech Republic

Organised by Charles University in collaboration with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

You can access all the presentations that are highlighted and underlined in the following list by clicking on the presentation titles.

Keynote Presentation: Nkonko Kamwangamalu
English education, linguistic diversity, and language economics

Hartmut Haberland
English on the Scandinavian language market: Supply side or demand side economy?

Tobias Schroedler
The role and value of foreign language skills in international business for native English speaking countries

Dorte Lønsmann & Kamilla Kraft
English means business – and sometimes other languages do too! An analysis of managers’ language ideologies in a Danish context

Sharon Millar
Language management in the multinational company: strategies and tactics

Maarja Siiner
The internationalization process of a Swedish financial institution to the Baltic market – Communicating one’s ‘culture’ in English

Keynote Presentation: Rebecca Piekkari
Language-centred research in International Business: Where does it stand?

Raffaella Negretti and Miguel Garcia-Yeste
‘Lunch keeps people apart’: Social interaction in a multilingual workplace

Tuire Oittinen and Arja Piirainen-Marsh
Structural and contextual features of openings in intercultural business meetings

Petr Kaderka and Martin Prošek
English in the Czech Republic from the perspective of local (Czech) language experts

Vít Dovalil
Wahl ist Qual: English and German as the subject of decision-making processes in acquisition planning in the Czech Republic

Tamah Sherman and Jiří Nekvapil
Language use and management in European-Asian economic collaboration: A Central European perspective

Neil Bermel and Luděk Knittl
The linguistic landscape of a Czech heritage site: Recording and presenting the past and present of Hrubý Rohozec

Keynote Presentation: Jo Angouri
‘We basically use any language that would make our life easier’. Negotiating language use in the modern workplace

Alessia Cogo
(Mis-)matching policies and practices - the use of English as a Lingua Franca and multilingual resources in a MNC

Patchareerat Yanaprasart
Interpretability and intelligibility skills: A new partnership between lingua francas and multilingualism

Marc Deneire
The human factor in BELF (Business English as a Lingua Franca)

Miya Komori-Glatz
English-medium business education: creating the international managers of tomorrow, today

Anca Gata and Alexandru Praisler
Flaws and mishaps of cross cultural transfer: the case of local or regional websites of transnational companies

Manfred Herbert
The admission of English as a court language in international commercial disputes – opportunity or threat?

Andrew Linn
The English in Europe: Opportunity or Threat? project