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Responses to the lingua franca role of English
23 November - 24 November 2013
Thessaloniki, Greece

Organised by the South-East European Research Centre

You can download the book of abstracts by following this link.
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You can access all the presentations that are highlighted and underlined in the following list by clicking on the presentation titles.

Maria Jose Luzon (University of Zaragoza)
The use of English as a Lingua Franca in academic blogs

Miya Komori (WU Vienna University of Economics and Business)
The role of ELF in intercultural teamwork on English-medium business master's programmes at WU Vienna

Renata Povolna (Masaryk University)
On some text-organizing devices in Master’s theses written by Czech university students

Keynote Presentation: Cem Alptekin (Bo─čaziçi University)
The ELF reality in the pursuit of ENL: Nonnative-speaker teacher cognition in ELT

Emilia Slavova (University of Sofia)
Being what one ought to be: English as a lingua franca in the academic spoken discourse of Bulgarian and German students

Marina Tzoannopoulou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
The ELF classroom: Lecture comprehension in a CLIL university setting

Keynote Presentation: Barbara Seidlhofer (University of Vienna)
Language Richness and the Currency of English

Josep Soler Carbonell (University of Tartu and Tallinn University) and Hakan Karaoglu (Tallinn University)
English as an academic lingua franca in Estonia: students’ attitudes and ideologies

Oleg Tarnopolsky (Alfred Nobel University) and Bridget Goodman (University of Pennsylvania)
ELF as a Medium of Instruction: A Threat, an Opportunity, or Prestige?

Milena Luksic (University Mediteran, Podgorica)
Montenegrin Responses to English loanwords in Montenegrin Language of Tourism

Louisa Buckingham (Bilkent University)
The English of commercial signs in an Arabian Gulf state

Carmen Perez-Llantada, Ignacio Vazquez and Concepción Orna (Univesity of Zaragoza)
Responses to ELF across professional communities in Spain: three case studies

Keynote Presentation: Nicos Sifakis (Hellenic Open University)
ELF as an opportunity for foreign language use, learning and instruction in Greece and beyond

Constantina Fotiou (University of Essex)
English in the Greek Cypriot print media – a case study

Gibson Ferguson (University of Sheffield)
Can English be fair? On linguistic justice and the spread of English as a lingua franca in Europe

Olga Dontcheva-Navratilova (Masaryk University)
Accommodating to English as a lingua franca: The construal of authorial voice in linguistics research articles by Czech scholars

Branka Drljaca Margic and Dorjana Sirola (University of Rijeka)
Communication courtesy or condescension? Linguistic accommodation of native to non-native speakers of English